Communicating in English

English level requirements : B1-B2

CEFR level description : click here


Course outline

The course consists of 4 modules, each lasting 4 hours.

During each session, you will learn some theory and vocabulary to enable you to write better and feel more comfortable when speaking. Various types of materials will be used, such as videos, podcasts, real-life situations, role plays, games and pair work. You will receive the tools you need to accomplish the tasks at hand with greater competence and confidence.


Learning outcomes

  • Writing letters and emails
  • Making small talk/casual conversation
  • Telephoning
  • Writing minutes and reports



A file of material will be given out at the beginning of each module. Various websites, apps, news sources will be used in class.


Dates et horaires

Le programme complet est composé de 4 modules. Il est possible de suivre les modules séparément. 

Module 1 (Writing letters and emails) :  mardi 10 mars 2020, 8h15-11h45. 

Module 2 (Making small talk/casual conversation) : mardi 17 mars 2020, 8h15-11h45. 

Module 3 (Telephoning) : mardi 24 mars 2020, 8h15-11h45.

Module 4 (Writing minutes and reports) : mardi 31 mars 2020, 8h15-11h45. 



CHF 320.- (4 modules, 16 heures)

CHF 90.- (1 module, 4 heures)