La Maison des Langues is a service attached to the Center for continuing and distance education. It contributes, in synergy with other actors, to the implementation of the language policy of the University of Geneva. This policy is defined by a set of 18 measures validated by the rectorate in March 2012. The Language Policy Commission supports the implementation of these measures.


The Maison des Langues is based on four principles:

  • Teaching;

  • Measurements and evaluations;

  • Language services;

  • Action research.


In these different areas, it pursues the following objectives:

  • Strategic and operational organization of language teaching-learning within the university community;

  • Support and promotion of the development of language skills and plurilingualism among students and all employees in the academic, professional and personal fields;

  • Openness to the City, in different forms of mandates and collaborations with local, national and international partners;

  • Development of digital tools and the promotion of new technologies for the teaching-learning of languages;

  • Research-action in the field of Didactics of second and foreign languages.


Language Policy Commission of the University of Geneva

18 measures for a language policy at the University of Geneva