Summer Courses

B2-C1 Certificate Examination

Registration: click here

Written tests: Monday 12 August 2024 in the morning, duration 2.5 hours in total

- Listening comprehension (12 multiple choice questions) 

- Grammar (gap-filling exercises, sentences to be put in order) 

- Reading comprehension (8 multiple choice questions, 4 T/F questions)

- Written production (160-200 words, express argued point of view)


Oral test: Tuesday 13 August to Thursday 15 August 2024 according to individual timetable

- 15 minutes preparation time: a randomly selected topic with two triggering documents

- 15 minutes of performance:

  • Monologue: oral argumentative synthesis for 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes discussion with the examiners
  • Registration for the examination is only open to participants of the current year's Summer School.
  • Students who have failed the preparatory year offered by the ELCF cannot register for the B2-C1 Summer School Certificate.
  • Cancellations and refunds are possible before the announced registration deadline.
  • All requests for cancellation must be sent by e-mail to cefle(at)
  • In the case of a refund, an administration fee of CHF 20.00 will be deducted.
  • In case of cancellation for administrative or medical reasons (no visa, border closure, flight cancellation, quarantine, illness) and upon presentation of supporting evidence, reimbursement after the deadline is possible with a CHF 20.00 administration fee.